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Web application
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Daily and monthly reports
For every employee you can see monthly and daily reports of what was worked.
Export as Excel
Export your date in Excel or as text to import in other applications.
Accurate entries
Start time and end time precisely recorded.
Detailed reports
Report per employee, per client or per job with time interval selection.
Security and backup copies
Data is added using encrypted communication and has multiple backup copies.
How much time does it take to centralize all of the time sheets in your company? How much time does it take to take every sheet and put into an Excel?
Or in the happy case when you already placed that into an Excel how much time does it take to make an invoice for a client for whom different people from your company worked at different times?
How do you know how much someone from your company worked? Do you start to sum up all worked hours and minutes? What if (s)he took 10 breaks over the day?
But what if it is needed to know how much someone worked in a time interval, one week for example, to be able to pay him/her?
There are many reasons to invest into a time management program.
In the first place you invest in your time and your team's time.
With ABCTimeTracking you can know in every moment:
  • How much someone from your company worked today or last month.
  • How much work has been done for a client
  • How much time was dedicated to a project
  • Who is late to add the time sheets
The fact that you know how your team consumes time it will help you easily decide what the next step will be.
All of these and many more, just one click away.
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