Time tracking for lawyers

As time tracking for lawyers is an important matter we asked a law company to give us some feedback on how ABC Time Tracking works for them.

The feedback

Today, Gabriela – who owns a law company of around 10 lawyers shares her feedback with us.

Gabriela Gheorghiu - attorney at law
Gabriela Gheorghiu – attorney at law

Bellow are her words:

ABC Time Tracking has been an essential instrument for my activity in the past 10 years. With no exaggerations, I can say that for a lawyer, whose work is exclusively (or lets say 90% of the time) client oriented, there cannot be a real business growth without a time tracking tool.

As a lawyer, I have been using ABC Time Tracking in the last 10 years for keeping track of my daily activity and I found ABC to be essential, as my days go on between client meetings, phone calls, projects to work in, projects to supervise and management tasks.

Most of these have, needless to say, strict deadlines.

Among all these, most often it is very difficult to tell by heart how time flies and what I really did all day long.

In order to keep track of my day, I start every working day by opening ABC Time Tracking in the first tab of my browser and and write down there everything I do: if a start working in one of my project I also start the project in ABC and it will keep track of my time spent there. If the phone rings and I need to spend some time talking to a client I will just stop the project I was working on and start a new entry, for the call conversation. When I hang up the phone I can simply continue the project, with a click.

Thus ABC Time Tracking and its features allows me to keep keen track of every of my daily activities and have a clear view of my day, my week, my month and finally my year of work.

ABC Time Tracking also allows me to easily keep track of my team’s activity and have a clear view of each of my team’s member work, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. As head of my team, I really need to be sure that every member of my team has a proper time management and a proper allocation of his/her time over projects.

But, most of all, ABC Time Tracking offers me very useful reports on the work done for a project or for a client in a time span I freely use. These reports give me the most needed base for financial analysis and, of course, for monthly invoicing.

Issuing a monthly invoice for a client can be tricky thing in our field. For transparency reasons every invoice should be accompanied by a time report, justifying the fee ( except for the case a fix fee was previously established) and having the client happy with a perfect understanding what he/she pays for.
Manually writing a time report for every invoice would be a real nightmare, both in terms of time used for that and in terms of remembering what was done for a client / a project in a month.
ABC Time Tracking makes invoicing an easy monthly job.

So for all there reasons all I can say as an ending is a true MANY THANKS to ABC Time Tracking team !


We left her words untouched so you can get an idea of how time tracking for lawyers can be an important aspect of running a law company.

Time tracking for lawyers
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